Saturation Diving Systems Sale & Purchase

Using our inherent project management, market research, diving vessel and diving system knowledge, DMC are able to provide a flexible package of consulting services to companies procuring vessel integral or portable saturation diving systems, and also to owners of existing systems and manufacturers of newbuild systems who are looking to sell into the market.

On behalf of both buyers and sellers we have been involved in fourteen transactions in the past few years involving either the sale or purchase of sat systems. These range from small portable systems through to large twin bell vessel integral systems, and have included existing systems, refurbished systems and newbuild systems. Typically, DMC have several saturation systems on our files as brokers, that can be developed for sale. Please contact us for more information.

Diving / Saturation Equipment Currently for Sale

DMC now have a dedicated website for vessel and equipment sales including saturation systems. Use the link below to see the diving equipment items that are currently in our Saleyard. If you are looking to purchase components such as chambers, bells, life support systems, compressors, or a complete saturation system please contact us directly.


Direct line: +44 (0)1603 561368, Switchboard: +44 (0) 1263 733530

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Worldwide List of Portable Saturation Systems

An extract from our database of portable saturation systems.

We maintain a global inventory of portable saturation systems. Of the systems we have listed globally 49 are commonly made available to the market. Contact us to find out the current market status of individual systems.

Diving Support

See the listing of Diving Support Vessels that we currently hold on our database.

We maintain a comprehensive database of DSV's, including specifications, current owners and general status. If you are looking for a dive support vessel please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sat Systems and Dive Equipment on the Saleyard

DMC now maintain a dedicated website for vessel and equipment sales. 

Visit the DMC Saleyard website to see currently available saturation systems and other diving / offshore equiment and vessels.