Asset Disposal Services

DMC are able to assist clients with asset disposal projects, offering a full range of services from asset inventorying and valuation, market analysis and advice, through to customised marketing and sales strategies.

DMC are able to quickly identify and reach the relevant market sectors and implement asset disposal plans via private treaty, sealed bid, auction and liquidation processes. We cover all marine assets, including vessels, diving and ROV systems, cranes and cable-laying, burial and other subsea equipment, and are able to offer fast-track solutions where required to meet the client’s imperatives.

  • Asset Valuations & Market Guidance
  • Customised Asset Disposal Plans
  • Fast-Track Marketing & Sales
  • Discreet, or widely marketed
  • One off individual items to yard clearance

DMC can sell your surplus equipment into the market, either as individual items or as part of a yard clearance initiative. We sell on a worldwide basis, both in terms of equipment location and potential markets. We can market equipment widely, including putting it on our dedicated Saleyard website, or we can discreetly and directly approach potential buyers.

From experience, DMC have learned that no two Sellers are the same, that Sellers have different requirements and expectations for the sales of their assets, and that we need to be positioned to create a sale process tailored to each client's individual needs. To this end, DMC would welcome the opportunity of discussing asset sales requirements, process options and values with you.

Project Examples

DMC have been tasked with monetising a large stock of surplus marine, subsea and onshore equipment and tooling on a worldwide basis.

DMC provided valuation and asset disposal strategies and plans for DeepOcean for the disposal of Bluestream assets following bankruptcy.

DMC were approached to work with Hilco Industrial in 2015 to dispose of Cal Dive International shore-based marine assets. We conducted a full inventory of their equipment including categorisation and valuations, assisted with lotting and auction preparation, and implemented a fast-track marketing plan to promote the auction and ensure a positive outcome for the client.

Inland Dredging Companies
DMC have been involved in multiple liquidation sales involving inland / fresh water dredging vessels and equipment, and the complete retirement sale of Luedtke Engineering Co.

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Buy and Sell Using Saleyard

DMC offers a unique opportunity for selling vessels and redundant marine equipment, with services from initial advice or valuations, to one off discreet sales or large scale auctions.

Worldwide List of Portable Saturation Systems

We maintain a global inventory of portable sat systems, and make an extract from that database available online.

Vessel Database

An online directory of Project Support Vessels - any vessel that can support an offshore project, topsides or sub-sea, including newbuild vessels, listed by type.