Swingrope Transfer Evaluation Study

Swingrope Personnel Transfer Technique Evaluation & Risk Assessment.

  • BowTie Generic Risk Assessment of the Swingrope Transfer Technique
  • Full study and appendices available for download and provided for general use.

The swingrope evaluation study was under development at DMC for several years, and published in 2019. It started life as part of a wider, objective comparative study of personnel transfer techniques. It has been completed as an academic exercise, and also to have on file as a generic risk assessment and personnel transfer technique evaluation for clients in the future, because as consultants we are often asked to assist clients in project procedure preparation and risk management tasks.

The study is based on a comprehensive but generic risk assessment which we processed using the BowTie technique. The assessment of the BowTie R/A and study conclusions (sections 4 / 5 of the study) has highlighted the sheer scale and complexity of the threats involved with this personnel transfer technique, and the challenges of managing and coordinating the large number of barriers (Control measures) that present themselves.

The ultimate objective of the study is, we hope, as an aid to loss prevention within our industry, and this document and appendices are made available for general, public use. The BowTie R/A file can also be made available in BowTie XP format, please get in touch if you would like to receive the files in this format, or if we can be of assistance in developing a project specific risk assessment for this or other personnel transfer techniques.

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