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Showing marine equipment and ROV items only, also see Vessels and Dive Equipment.

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Equipment for sale


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For Sale  

Triton XLX’s are a well-established and proven performer in deep water operations which offer a comprehensive combination of thrust, payload, through-frame lift and sensor interface. This recently refurbished system comprises of the ROV, TMS, LARS, Control and Workshop vans and is available ex UK Price available upon application



2x Hydratight Air Driven Pumps

Marine Equipment

For Sale  

Unused Hydratight air operated reciprocating piston type pump, which operates using low pressure air piston to drive a much smaller hydraulic piston to provide oil flow at high pressure Price available upon application



Caviblaster Underwater Cleaning Pump

Marine Equipment

The CaviBlaster cleans the surface of any underwater structure using the energy released by the implosion of the bubbles during the cavitation process. Price available upon application



2x Automatic Priming Pumps

Marine Equipment

For Sale  

Selwood Spate PD75 automatic priming pump for dirty water, slurries, oils etc. with indefinite dry running ability. Price available upon application



4x Retractable Thrusters

Marine Equipment

For Sale  

4x 3000 HP retractable thrusters promt available for sale ex US GOM. Built in 1985, these were recently refurbished and have not been used since Price available upon application



Retractable Azimuth Thruster

Marine Equipment

For Sale  

Retractable azimuth thruster and Dowty Dowmatic hydraulic pump prompt available for sale. This thruster system does not include a prime mover and is offered as is where is – location UK. Price available upon application



Our Commitments to Buyers, Sellers and Brokers.

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To Sellers:

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To other Brokers:

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