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9-Man Saturation Diving System

Diving Equipment

SAT 5 is a 2007 built 9-man saturation diving system with spherical 3-man bell and 10-man HRC, rated to 300msw and Classed by ABS. Price: USD - $3,500,000 as is where is



Saturation Diving Systems

Diving Equipment

For Sale  

Direct from Sellers we are pleased to offer two 6-man saturation diving systems certified to 850 fsw and 1000 fsw respectively and including HRC, LARS, and gas reclaim system etc. Price available upon application Best offers invited



Wale Marine Diving Bell Winch

Diving Equipment

For Sale  

Unused IMCA Compliant Diving Bell Winch Skid manufactured 2008, this skid comprises the main and emergency winches for handling a 5 tonne saturation diving bell. Price available upon application



Hyperbaric Lifeboat

Diving Equipment

For Sale  

The 10.5m SPHL was built in 2012 and is class approved by ABS and remains in an unused condition. The SPHL has an integrated Lexmar hyperbaric chamber capable of accommodating 12+3 divers. Price available upon application



Gas Storage Eggs

Diving Equipment

For Sale  

4x gas storage eggs prompt available for sale ex UK. 250 bar working pressure Price available upon application



2x Diving Bells

Diving Equipment

For Sale  

2x 3-man diving bells prompt available for sale ex UK. Supplied with certification pack and 'as built' drawings. Best offers invited



3 Man diving bell - Side Lock

Diving Equipment

For Sale  

3 Man diving bell designed for 300m water depth. Price available upon application



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