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ESO-155-4 - 6-man Saturation Diving System


This modular 6-man saturation diving system, with flexible configuration options to minimise the footprint of the components making it a versatile solution for areas with limited space, is prompt available ex USA

The system is certified to 1,000 fsw and is equipped with a three-man top mate – side launch bell, an 8-man Self-Launch Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC) for offshore applications, Bell Launch and Recovery System (LARS) with redundant recovery capabilities for safety, and gas reclaim system for efficient operation.

Main Components:

Primary Living Chamber (six person, single lock):

Main Lock

Transfer Lock 

Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (eight-person rescue) 

Dive Bell System (three person):

Launch System


Dive/Saturation Control Van:

Dive Control Station

Saturation Control Station 

HRC Intervention Van

Reclaim Van

Supporting Equipment:

• Dive Locker

• Spares Van

• Electric immersion hot water unit (90kva)

• Deck leads for electrical and gas

• Rigging equipment

• Optional SLS re-breather hats & backpacks (x2)

Power Distribution Van

System Requirements:

• Electric Power: 350kw, 480v, 60Hz

• Auxiliary Generator: 200kw

• Compressed Air: 400cfm, 90 psi

• Seawater: 75gpm

• Freshwater: 3gpm

Location: USA

Download Specification:

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