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ESO-172 - 50t Winch and HPU


Direct from Sellers we are pleased to offer this 50t winch and 315 HP hydraulic power unit, for sale ex Singapore.

General Description; Winch:
The hydraulic winch is rated to 50 ton at 11m/min at 1st layer/bare drum, with a drum capacity of 600m of 44mm diameter steel wire rope.

Outline Specifications:

Line Pull:
50 ton @ 1st layer
45 ton @ 2nd layer
41 ton @ 3rd layer
38 ton @ 4th layer
35 ton @ 5th layer
32 ton @ 6th layer

Brake:   Fail-safe hydraulic release disc on motor
Features:  Cross over relief for over-pressure protection
Dimensions: Approx. 2.7m x 2.6m x 2.1m LBH
Weight:  Approx. 7.5 ton excluding wire rope

General Description; HPU:

The 315hp hydraulic power unit operates the 50t winch at an operating pressure of 3000psi (circa 206 bar) and flowrate of 105gpm (circa 477 l/min).

Outline Specifications:

Drive:    Diesel 1x 315hp @ 1800 rpm
Hydraulic pump:  Variable displacement axial piston
Operating pressure: 3000psi
Flowrate:  105gpm
Features:  Heavy duty enclosed skid
Reservoir with; breather cap, drain, level sight gauge, access cover, oil level low alarm, oil temperature high alarm.
Relief valve
Pressure gauge
Air-to-Oil cooler
Return filter with clog indicator
Dimensions:  Approx. 3.0m x 1.5m x 2.4m LBH
Weight:   Approx. 4.1 ton wet

Location: Singapore

Download Specification:

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