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ESO-172 - 500t Reel Hub Drive


Outline Description:

The Reel Hub Drive System consists of two identical Towers running on two parallel tracks. To denote which side of the individual assembly belongs, tower “A” and “B” markings are printed onto the assemblies for better identification.

The tower winch is designed to handle reel sizes from 5.2m to 11.4metres diameter with a gross weight not exceeding 500 ton. Please see the setup section in details for the varied reel diameter setting. For this operation, the operation tension is set at a constant tension of 15 tonnes, but at varying line speed during payout.

Two sets of 75kW /88kW electrical-powered pumps provide hydraulic power to 8 units of hydraulic motor (4 motors on each drive tower). Each motor is coupled to a multi disc brake and a planetary reduction gearbox driving a common reel drive via the bull gear.

Included in the Tower are lifting mechanisms and the hydraulic drive mechanisms.

Further information available in the downloadable brochure below, and on request.

Location: Singapore

Download Specification:

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