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ESO-172 - Chain Loading Arm Spread


The chain loading system is a hydraulically powered loading arm which can be operated remotely to load chain into a vessel’s hold/chain locker minimizing the headroom requirements and thereby maximizing the chain loading capability of the vessel.

The Chain Loading System comprises a Bell Mouthed Chute, with attached Gantry Arm that carries the Loading Gypsy, all of which are to be mounted at deckhead height above the chainlocker/hold. The Bell Mouthed Chute, is of “round” form fabricated from vertical segments, and is carried on a Slew Bearing fitted with an external gear to enable two Slew Motors to be mounted on the plate to which the bearing is attached (this plate is to be configured for being bolted into suitable structure on the vessel).

Brackets on one side of the Bell Mouth Chute allow for the attachment of the Gantry Arm, which is manufactured to create a track system in which the Loading Gypsy is carried and run. Attachment is by pins, to enable the free end of the arm to rise and fall with any minor undulation of the Radial Track system.

Rack sections are bolted to the Channel/ Beam sections, in which the Pinions of the drive motors mounted on either side of the Loading Gypsy Frame engage and drive.

A support Bracket mounted to the top of the outer end of the Gantry Arm allows it to be supported from a Trolley running in a Radial Track made from Rolled I-Beam section. The Trolley and Bracket allow any variation in radius of the Radial Track to be accommodated.

Facility is also provided for the Gantry Arm to be secured to a bracket (to be welded to a convenient point on the vessel structure) when the system is not in use.

Suitable Lifting points are provided on the various equipment sections to enable them to be lifted into position in the top of the Hold on the vessel.

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