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ESO-173 - Triton XLX WROV


Direct from Sellers we are pleased to offer this recently refurbished Triton XLX heavy work class ROV system for sale ex UK.

Price Idea: P.O.A.

Outline Description:

The Triton XLX’s are a well-established and proven performer in deep water operations. These ROV systems offer a comprehensive combination of thrust, payload, through-frame lift and sensor interface.


The system comprises of the following major assemblies:

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Tether Management System (TMS)

Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

Control Van

Workshop Van

Outline details as follows:


Weight 4.8 te (10,580lbs)

Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,226mm x 1,829mm x 1,994mm

Depth Rated to 3050 MSW

150 HP Sub Atlantic HPU

Slingsby TMS:

Weight in air 3te

Dimensions (h x Ø) 2.2m x 2.0m

Tether capacity 350m of 27mm tether

10 hp electro-hydraulic power pack

Control Van:

20 foot Control Van with standard three station Perry Control Console

Winch and HPU:

Model 521 XL General Purpose ROV Winch with capacity of up to 3,300m of 41mm armoured umbilical

SWL 12 Metric Tonnes @ full drum

Dimensions (L x W x H) 2,375mm x 2,006mm x 1,829mm


Max luffing load 11,250kgs

SWL Static 20,000kgs

Distance Between legs 2,438mm

Width 3,213mm

Height under docking head 5,004mm

Overboard reach 4,000mm

Workshop Van:

20 foot container fitted out with workbenches, storage racks, tooling cabinets, and space for a selection of system spares.

Further details and photos of this system are available in the downloadable specifications below.

Location: UK

Download Specification:

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