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ESO-147 - Caviblaster Underwater Cleaning Pump


The CaviBlaster® 1620 high-pressure water power unit allows the operator to use the water flow and pressure to generate cavitation at the end of the proprietary nozzle. The CaviBlaster® cleans the surface of any underwater structure using the energy released by the implosion of the bubbles during the cavitation process. When directed at the surface being cleaned, the energy released by the collapsing bubbles causes marine growth to be removed from the surface. 

The system consists of a portable, zero-thrust gun, connecting high-pressure hose and an electric motor-powered, high-pressure pumping unit. The zero-thrust gun uses a trigger-operated valve to control the water stream off and on. If the valve is closed, the power unit goes into bypass mode unloading the engine and the pump. 

The CaviBlaster® 1620 power unit is a complete “plug and play” system built into a self- supporting frame that allows quick deployment and/or installation of the unit. Water can be supplied from either a pressurized source, directly from the natural source via an electric booster pump supplied with the power unit, or from a gravity feed storage tank. The unit is equipped with many features to maintain operator safety while operating at pressures of 2,000-psi (138 bar).

Location: France

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