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ESO-147 - 2x Automatic Priming Pumps


GENERAL These environmentally friendly, automatic priming pumps with indefinite dry running ability are Selwood’s original pump designs that quickly established themselves in the marketplace and continue to play a vital role today. Selwood Spate PD75 The Spate handles dirty water, slurries, light and heavy oils, petroleum industry products, including some of the more viscous liquids, at a high, non-turbulent flow rate. It is also well suited to a variety of demanding site conditions. The unique design makes it the perfect pump for the control of oil pollution. It is world renowned for its suitability on all oil recovery applications and works in conjunction with a wide variety of recovery systems and skimmers. Simplicity of design and construction provides for total ease of maintenance. Hydraulic, pneumatic, diesel, petrol and electric drives can be fitted to suit individual needs.

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