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ESO-158 - Hyperbaric Lifeboat



The 10.5m SPHL was built in 2012 and is class approved by ABS and remains in an unused condition. The SPHL has an integrated Lexmar hyperbaric chamber capable of accommodating 12+3 divers in relative comfort. Due to the generous dimensions of the lifeboat and bow thruster, the SPHL has excellent sea-keeping and manoeuvrability. The internal space is superior in the market permitting free access around the chamber for maintenance and additional storage of essential supplies.


} Length, overall 10.58 m

} Beam 3.78 m

} Height 3.75 m

} Hooks SH100 On/Offload release hooks

} Hook distance 9.85 m

} Capacity 12 divers (maximum) + 4 crew

} Weight, empty boat 13928 kg

} Total boat load (82.5 kg/p) 15248 kg

} Engine type MO144M38 diesel engine

} Max. Speed knot 6 knots max.

} Max. force of towing 4150kg (speed=2knots)

} Colour Safety orange and inner light grey

} Classification Societies ABS

} Certificate ABS

} Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat is designed and built according to ABS

} MED/SOLAS/IMO and in conformance with IMCA guidelines.

} Year of Manufacture 2012

Location: Singapore

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