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ESO-125 - 4x Retractable Thrusters


Herewith details of 4x retractable thrusters prompt available for sale ex Gulf of Mexico.  This sale comprises the 4x thrusters and housings (plus 2x spare thruster pods), and a 40 ft spares container.  The following recap refers:

4 Nakashima Stone Vickers retractable 3000 horsepower thrusters

Year Built:     1985

Type              300TCAR

Propellers     Four Blade-2,900 millimetres-variable pitch

Stroke           3700 millimetres(retraction)

Tube             53'9" x 14'4"

The thrusters were removed from a 201 x 154 m semi in 1999/2000, refurbished and have been stored since.  They are understood to be in good condition following restoration however an inspection is strongly recommended to determine the extent of any extra repair/renovation that may be required.

Location: US GOM

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