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ESO-082-001 - 3 Man diving bell - Side Lock


3 Man diving bell designed for 300m water depth. The bell has been equipped with a well (600 in diameter) at its lowest part permitting divers to go out with a lateral nozzle (600 in diameter) for clamping onto the caisson. The well and lateral nozzle are closed by 4 pressure doors on which light ports have been provided. The external end has been fitted with a clamping flange. Light ports, bosses and flaps are distributed throughout the hull. Bell designed to be subject to 31 bar external pressure. Bell operated by a cable secured on the upper part of the structure, the securing device fitted with a launching system which can be operated from the inside.


Ring outside diameter   1513 mm
Overall height   3510 mm
Overall diameter on fender    2500 mm
Weight with full equipment    8 t

Location: Canada

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