Two day workshop - delivered in your offices

Do you need a contracting strategy that maximises opportunities in today's challenging market?

Working in a competitive market does not mean you have to accept unnecessary contractual risk. Our training will help your managers learn the skills necessary to mitigate contractual risk, take full advantage of your opportunities, and immediately gain a competitive advantage in the present challenging market conditions.

This contracts course examines the contracting framework, the contracting environment, and the subtleties and complexities of Oil & Gas contracts

• Why the contract is a soft-system not a document and, consequently, should be addressed with a holistic philosophy.
• The importance of drafting the scope of work.
• The ‘unknown, unknowns’, Letters of Intent, the Battle of the Forms and working without a contract.
• The Dunning Kruger Effect: dealing with people who are too incompetent to realise they are incompetent.
• The ‘Three Tenets’ of contracts management:

A bespoke two day workshop delivered in your offices allowing you to have all personnel involved in contracting attend. The workshop is a combination of short presentations, activities, case studies, short tests and discussion covering a variety of topic options.

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